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Between 16-17 May 2018, our school accepted an invitation from Germany to visit their  healthcare technical school in Deggendorf. In this way we have taken up the meeting of both schools that happened in May 2017 at our school, in Hospital Havlíčkův Brod and Social Services Havlíčkův Brod. Our school had kept a long tradition of a partnership with the school in Deggendorf, but the reason of changing  school headmasters caused the termination of this partnership in 2000.

The aim of this visit was getting to know  the school and the hospital management, and discussing conditions for next cooperation with possibilities of students´ exchange and educational stays for both the schools.  Negotiations from the side of  hospital as well as from the side of  school were very friendly, helpful and useful. Generous conditions of students´ exchange programmes were designed that were accepted by both the German and the Czech  side. Now, everything has to be prepared in such a way to respect security measures, legal frame of the both schools and hospital workplaces.

In Deggendorf, we had an opportunity to meet particular departments and hospital spaces in concrete terms. The hospital has been given  university workplace status and the standard of its   equippment is very high.  We visited Intensive Care Unit, Childhood Department, Central Triage System and Department of Palliative Care that went beyond all our expectations.  Sick patients´ care is fully covered by health insurance. The medical staff were very helpful and willingly shared valuable workplace experience with us.

The school is designed in a modern way with the high standard of equippment. Unlike our school, Deggendorf healthcare technical school is a part of the hospital as for personal management and  the school building as well which is very convenient not only for hospital training, but for mutual relationships and background of the students .

Deggendorf is a bigger city located in Lower Bavaria. It has got a rich history, and is surrounded by beautiful nature. Citizens of the city feel great respect to their city and its surroundings. A part of our visit was touring the city and its neighbourhoods, which was very interesting and nice. The stay with our hosts was held in a very frendly and opened atmosphere, the whole two days were very relaxing for us.  The visit proved that  borders among people are often not necessary to keep.

We would like to express our thanks to healthcare technical school  and the hospital DONAUISAR-KLINIKUM in Deggendorf for making this visit possible, and for the willingness  to continue the former cooperation. Our students as well as German students will be provided with unique experience of stays in foreign-language environment, hospital training and educational stays in different institutions, that can lead them to broaden their minds and to feel the riches of life.

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